Friday, June 30, 2006

I need a goal

I need it for motivation. I do so much better if I have a deadline in hand. Or perhaps a plan that is laid out that I need to follow... well, that and a goal.

I'm not sure what I am trying to say. I got out of bed yesterday and went for a run. I was thinking I would do the same thing this morning, but I got to sleep after midnight last night - Eric got home from fishing at about 11, and then it was time to chat a bit...

I guess I need to have something I am working towards. Something big. When I had the half marathon in front of me, I knew I had to train in order to do it. The next race I am signed up for is a 5K in September. And I have the attitude that a 5K is nothing, a walk in the park, so to say. I'm considering doing a duatholon in August. Run-bike-run. But I have not signed up for it yet. I want to start going to spinning classes again. I stopped when I started concentrating more on my running. And I need to start again.

And the eating. I have written down what I have been eating since Monday. It has not stopped me from eating whatever I feel like eating in the evening. Why is that? I had one OP core day. The rest was just, to put it mildly, crap. I think when I do core, I need to incorporate more fruit and milk-type products - I just need to cut down on the empty carbs.... but not cut carbs out alltogether. Last night, I did avoid the beer that was offered and stuck to water, but then we went out for Mexican food, and the chip basket was right in front of me. I know, I know, don't make excuses.

There was a funny story from last night though - I went out with some friends of mine that I have not seen in a while. We get out on the patio at the Mexican place, after having drinks somewhere before that, so we all ordered soft drinks and water. Diet Coke with a lime, Sprite, Diet Coke with a lemon, Coke with a lime, water. Waitress starts to leave, turns around, and says "Well, I normally wouldn't ask, but the stings are out - Can I see an ID?" We all kind of look at each other, and say okay, but I asked why she needed to see an ID if all we were ordering was pop... she misheard the Coke with a lime, thought she heard Carona with a lime. She's a little embarassed about the confusion and leaves. We start making jokes about how now we get carded for soft drinks - 'I'm sorry, I'm going to need to see your ID. Oh, you're too old to be drinking a caffinated beverage this late at night, I'm afraid I am going to have to cut you off!'

It was pretty funny. Or you had to be there.

Tonight Eric is taking me to see The Devil Wears Prada. I am giddily excited about going to see the movie. I even spent too long at the computer last night watching clips from the website. And taking one of the stupid movie quizzes. And he said something about Chinese food for dinner. Perhaps I will actually stick to moderation instead of trying to stuff myself.

I'm going to try and unearth my bicycle out of the basement and go for a long ride tomorrow. Every time I do it, I remember how much I love riding my bike. I do need to get a new bicycle helmet though. Mine I think is about 14 years old. You are supposed to replace them every 5 years or so...

Feels like it is supposed to be a long weekend. Yet, I don't have Monday off, so it will be pretty much the same old weekend drill for me. With an extra day off next week. On a Tuesday. Yeah, that pretty much sucks. Not that I will hate having the day off, but I won't get to relax at all, as we are planning on driving up to my parent's house for the day. Then we will get to deal with holiday traffic. Oh joy.

Anyhoo, that's what's up with me. And you?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Have not dropped off the face of the earth

I just have not felt like writing anything lately. My life is pretty unexciting, and I have nothing inspirational on my mind at the moment.... just busy with everyday stuff, mostly work.

I did make some inroads into some home projects last weekend though. I actually got my ass out of the house to go running on Saturday morning, then proceeded to totally sabotage myself at our Jaycee board retreat on Saturday afternoon/evening. I am not even sure what I had to eat that day, I just know I drank enough, and sat in the pool for way too long and ended up coming home and feeling completely bloated and miserable. Perhaps I should take this as the kick in the ass that I have been needing.

So Sunday, I finally hemmed the draperies I have been meaning to do for at least 6 months. I needed to let them hang to see how they woud need to be hemmed.... yeah, but not for that long. I also did the alterations on my friends clothes, and I put the decorator fabric over the roman shades in our bedroom, and even though they are not the most perfect thing in the world, I think they look great!

Eric even shocked me the other day, and got out the vacuum and vacuumed the living room and the hallway. And he did dishes yesterday morning. I asked him if he was feeling okay.

Eric has taken the boat to work today, so he will be going out fishing this afternoon after he gets off of work. I am going to take advantage of my time alone to get the house shaped up a bit more... the bathroom could use a good cleaning, and I have laundry that needs to get dealt with. A bicycle ride might not be out of the question either.

I have started writing down the food that I am eating too. Not that I am keeping to a program, but I will approach it with baby steps. I would just like to get back into the smaller sizes that I have in my closet. Sucks that I can't wear the cute shirts and pants I have.

Anyway, I need to get going, lots of stuff going on in the office today, and the President and CEO will be in for a visit sometime today - best to get in at a decent time.

Later y'all!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Back in the saddle again

I feel like I need to start over.


Yeah. I felt so good after I did the half marathon. I told myself that I would not use that as an excuse to slack. Yet I have. I have not run for a week, and I am feeling sluggush and way less toned than I did earlier.

It's been a week of bad eating, and no exercise. NO WONDER I feel like a lump. I doesn't help that I decided I needed to try on some swimsuits this afternoon. Yep, really feelin' like a pudge.

My ass is going running tomorrow morning. No excuses.

So as I was driving today, muching of baked Doritos. (Well, at least they were baked...) I was thinking about all of the silly little phrases I have, kind of like the inside jokes with people. There are quite a few. Ones that I use in the oddest situations, or just out of the blue - so I thought I would write them down:

"Have fun stormin' the castle" (When someone is leaving)
"It was great, it was much better than Cats, I'd see it again and again" (When I am being facetous about liking something, or when something was rather boring)
"It's a bwack Isusu Twoopah!" (Think of a Brooklyn accent - I say this when I want to make a friend of mine laugh)
"Nobody likes a skinny Santa" (yep, when I am trying to get someone to try something, or just when I am eating too much)

I know there's more, but I hear DH has just gotten home, and we have an early morning tomorrow.

Yeah, and 10 points if you can figure out where they came from...


Monday, June 19, 2006

Nine minutes

According to the online race results, I ran the half marathon nine minutes faster this year than last. My finish time (gun time) was 2:33:23. Which means I finished two hours and 33 minutes after the gun went off. Of course I did not cross the start line for a bit after the gun went off. I will just have to wait to get my postcard, I guess, to see what my chip time was.

Friday, my DH took a half day of vacation to go with me to Duluth, to cheer me on, etc. We had been up quite late the night before, at the Twins game, so about halfway there, he asked me to drive while he rested. Which was fine with me, as I knew that he would be driving home the next day. Traffic leaving the Twin Cities was pretty nutso, but it cleared up pretty well, and we made decent time getting there. I picked up my race packet, then we headed into the spagetti dinner. Masses and masses of people there.

After that, we left and I showed Eric a spot near the DECC (where I would get dropped off the following morning, and where the race would finish) where he could do some fishing to kill the time when I was running. From there, we went to Superior to where we would be staying for the evening. Eric made nice with the people we were staying with, as I looked through my packet of information. I guess I was pretty self-absorbed at the time, I don't remember talking all that much. Seems to me I did the same exact thing last year. Is it bad form to ignore your hosts when you are getting prepared for a long race?

Anyway, I was completely tired at about 9pm, so I headed off to bed, setting the alarm on my cell phone. Eric joined me pretty quickly after that, and we drifted off to sleep. For some reason, I woke up in the middle of the night, paranoid about getting up in time, and had to wake up Eric to tell me what time it was, as I was not close enough to my phone to see it. It was about 2:15am. I was awake for probably half an hour, then fell back asleep. Woke up with the alarm at 4am. Got dressed, packed up my stuff, and we were out the door by 4:30am. The busses were to pick up participants between 5:00 and 5:20 am to take us to the start of the race. We got there at about 4:40, and I got on the first bus. It filled up quickly, and we were on the road and to the start area at about 5:10. Over an hour to race time. So, I sat on the side of the road, before the starting chute with a group of women, chatting and stretching. At about 5:45, we dropped our sweats to be transported to the finish area, and got into the starting chute, where all of the port-a-potties were located this year, to go before we started the race.

Then it was waiting, waiting, waiting for things to start. I was standing with one of the people I had been sitting with earlier, trying not to freak out with the crowd around me. Yep. I'm not claustrophobic, but I am afraid of large crowds of people standing around. I made friends with a group of 6 people who were behind me that gave me a semi-circle of space to be in... That and my headphones with Lorena McKennitt playing in my ears helped immensely. Seriously, my heart was pounding and I was breathing heavy more from the crowd of people, than from being nervous about the start of the race. Seems like it gets worse as I get older too...

Finally, they played the Canadian National Anthom, then the Star Spangled Banner. Then I guess the starting gun went off. I was too far back in the pack to hear it. Everyone just started moving forward. Jog, walk, jog, walk. Then to the start line. Like a lot of people, I reached up and slapped the overhead banner, and I was on my way.

To be perfectly honest, I don't remember a lot of the race. It was foggy, so there was not a lot to look at, and I was listening to my headphones, kind of in a zone. Mile 1 went by. Mile 2 went by. Mile 3, I stopped to use the port-a-pottie again. Mile 4, Mile 5 was where senic 61 joined express 61, then across the Lester River into the East side of Duluth. There were quite a few spectators there. Mile 6 water stop was the first place I walked (besides the pottie stop). Mile 7, Mile 8... my longest training run was 8 miles. Kind of hit a bit of a wall there. 5 miles to go. I told myself, I can do 5 miles... walking, running, getting to Lemon Drop hill. I made myself jog to the top. At that point I did walk to the side and stretch my hamstrings.

Where did mile 9 go? Mile 10, my time from the gun was 1:55 or so. That's about the time I heard "go Anneke!" Eric had decided he was going to watch the race and cheer me on at that point, then would move further ahead to see me closer to the end. Mile 11, getting into downtown, running on bricks, hearing all of the people cheering the runners on. Where was the mark for mile 12? Turning to run towards the DECC, up the viaduct, then down. Here comes the first wheeler from the marathon. (As it turns out, that was about the time I was running past Eric, so he was distracted from seeing me at that point). Turning the corner by the lake, seeing the woman who was down on the curb with medical attention... thanking the powers that be that it was not me.

Then I turned the corner to the last stretch. Running. Tired. Could not pick up the pace at all. Having one of the race officals shouting that we were all winners. Seeing a group finish in front of me, then me by myself... they announced my name for all to hear. Seeing a time of 2:33:23 on the timing clock. Getting my finsher's medal.

I did it.

Perhaps next year, the marathon.


Friday, June 16, 2006

The point of no return

You're engaged, you're committed, then things go to hell and what can you do?

That could be said about a couple of things.... I went on my run this morning, and wouldn't you know it, things just started moving... I had to run into a gas station to use the rest room. What convenience stores still require a key to access the restroom outside? Yeah, this one did. The key was attached to a rubber scraper. I just shudder to think about what had accumulated on that thing...

Well, I am going to Duluth tonight, to get my race packet, to start the race at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I was starting to wonder if that was actually going to happen. I got a message from my running buddy, who was going to go with me anyway, but not run, that she was not going to be able to go with me. And the place we had planned to stay was no longer available either, due to some unforseen circumstances. But I said to myself - dammit, I am going to go.

I looked on line to see if there were any "reasonable" rooms available, but yeah - not paying over $200 for a hotel room for a night. I tried the parents of my best friend from high school, but crap has taken over their household (they run a photograpy business) and it would have been difficult for them to let us stay there (we could have as an absolute last resort).

Finally, I talked to my parents, and my dad made a call to a former co-worker of his that still lives in Superior who will graciously be putting us up for the evening. Eric will be going with me to cheer me on. I still would have gone by myself, but this is much better. You know, after you run 13 miles, you really want someone you actually KNOW to congratulate you.

Wish me luck. Think about me at 6:30 CDT as I am starting out!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

40 minutes, 39 seconds

That's how long it took me to run my 4-mile route this morning.

The race is on Saturday. I am nervously anticipating the event. I have even started to visulize some of the landmarks I remember from last year as I run. I just want to finish with a halfway decent time, and finish healthy.

My bonus is that I am planning on going to a wedding reception that night. I might have a few AP's to spend on cake that evening, hmmmmm?

Work is kind of nutty. Waiting for some people to get here to work on some things related to the accident. And to top it off, we had another serious incident yesterday. But with the first happening, I am still in town, rather than on my way to North Dakota, which if I was, I probably would not be going to the race this weekend. And the fun never ends.

So I finally looked at the Sunday newspaper last night. Sometimes I read stuff, but mostly I just look at the ads and pull out the crossword and Suduko to do in bed to relax at night. There was a section in the paper talking about how to get a better fit on a bra. One of the things I hate are women who wear a bra that is too small, and they get a "double breast" you know, when there are two bumps where there is only suppose to be one? They also talked about a "triple breast" fit. Yah, where it not only overflows out the top, but also out the bottom... I really hope I never get to witness that one!

So what are some of your clothing pet peeves?


Monday, June 12, 2006

And another country heard from

I have not dropped off the face of the earth. Really.

It's been kind of a hectic week. With the weekend's activities and all. I had oodles of stuff to catch up on at work - then I was planning on getting things done on Sunday when things pretty much went to hell in a handbasket.

And I am serious about that.

If you don't know, I do safety work. You hope that you do injury prevention, but sometimes people get hit, literally. We had a near fatality on Sunday. Basically an ATV and a semi-trailer got into a head-on collision. Who do you think won? So the last couple of days and the rest of the week are going to be spent on dealing with that.

Running on Saturday was not so good. It was another off day. Sunday, I was going to go in the afternoon, but there was this thing that happened at work that I needed to deal with... Today, seriously, rocked. 4 miles in 41 minutes. And I kept telling myself that I needed to slow down and take it easy. I just need to keep it up, to stay at this level. The race is on Saturday. I was giving serious consideration to not going, because the runs were really starting to be sucky, but today was just incredible. I felt on the top of my game, and then some. I am so glad that I went to the physical therapist.

With that, I'm off to cuddle with the birthday boy. Well, his birthday is tomorrow, but I can start wishing him a happy birthday tonight!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Freakishly cold

I hate my cube. It has to be the coldest spot in the whole office. I should just quit trying to wear summer clothing to work, and instead pull out my wool pants and sweaters.

Seriously. I pulled out one of my measuring gadgets (sling psychrometer anyone?) which has a thermometer on it. 66 degrees. Farenheit. No lie. Last summer I would go for long walks at lunchtime to warm up. At the end of my day, I climb into my warm vehicle, and sigh in relief. The really sad thing, is that my area is cold in the wintertime too.

Enough of the complaints.

The Physical Therapy last night seemed to go well. The therapist measured the flexibility in my ankles, and the left was about 10 degrees less than the right. This is what was causing the problem - apparently the tendons around the ankle bones are too tight, therefore I don't have the flexibility in the ankle to do a proper stretch of the calf muscle. So she worked on mobilizing the ankle, and it appears to have much more flexibility today. Hopefully that will help to clear up the problem. Not sure why the ankle was acting that way - the therapist said that she ususally saw stuff like this after an injury, but I don't remember injuring it at all. I also had her take a look at my running shoes, and she said that they were good, looked in good shape and had a lot of good support. One of the bad things is that I am getting a bit flat-footed. I used to have high arches. I guess that is another good reason for wanting to loose weight - less pressure on the feet to prevent me from going more flat-footed.

I was planning on going for a run this morning, to see if things were feeling better, and if I could get a better stretch. I have two alarms set - my cell phone, and the alarm clock. I ususally hop out of bed to turn of the cell phone alarm, then wait for the other to go off before I get up for good. So when I climbed back into bed after the first alarm, Eric decided he needed to snuggle with me. Yeah, a run is not nearly as nice as snuggling with my husband. Ever. Therefore, I need to get my rear in gear and go for a run this afternoon.

Food yesterday was okay, but not great:
Breakfast: smoothie with banana, cherries and soy milk
Lunch: Taco bar. Lots of refried beans, lettuce, tomatos, chips and salsa
Dinner: Chicken Strips, popcorn, and beer.

Tonight, hopefully I will be making the tuna steaks I put in the fridge to defrost, but we have a suprise birthday party to go to at 6:30. Between work and the run I have planned, that does not leave a lot of time for food preparation. And I know that Eric will not be doing it. We talked about having him make dinner one night a week, but I am not sure how that will work out, as really, I won't eat a lot of the things he likes to make. Me not eating beef, and him not liking a lot of veggies makes it difficult... the other night I made him bratworst and leftover mashed potatos, and I had leftover honey mustard chicken with rice, with steamed carrots and parsnips. He would never think about making me a meal that was totally different than his, or if it was something that he would not eat, he would not cook it.

He's still a good man. I'm sure some of my habits drive him nuts too.

On that note, I need to get to some work stuff - I have at least 3 meetings tomorrow I need to prep for, and for some odd reason, people have decided this is the day that they need to call me to ask questions.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow! You have big calves!

As said the man as I was walking in downtown St. Paul last Wednesday night. I was walking to my car after getting something to eat with my friends. We had gone to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum earlier.

I had dressed in a cute little flirty skirt (which is getting too big for me, btw - the running is paying off, if not in actual weight but size) and this guy who was carrying a clipboard for some reason or another, and talking to a woman on the street, decided to tell me that I had large legs. My response: "I'm a runner." He then tried walking after me, calling "Hey! Big calves!" I just kept walking. Like anyone would feel like that was a compliment!

I have taken several days off of running again. I plan to get up and run again tomorrow morning - and hoping that my left calf will be nice to me. The good thing is that I have a PT appointment tomorrow afternoon to work on getting back some of the flexibility in that ankle/calf.

Food again has been kind of haphazard. I don't think that I am eating to excess, but have really only been eating when I am hungry. Today was a really hungry day, but I was pretty healthy. Oatmeal for breakfast, a lean gourmet frozen dinner for lunch with extra veggies, a WW yogurt, and an apple, snack was light popcorn. Dinner I had some leftover honey mustard chicken (which I made) with rice, and steamed parsnips and carrots. For desert, I had 3 shortbread girl scout cookies.

This weekend, it really was too hot to eat much of anything - but I think I made up for several of the calories in beer. Our Jaycee chapter was pouring beer at the City Pages Beer Fesival, and then after the event finished, we all kicked back and popped several of the leftover "samples." I am glad that Eric was driving... but I would not have had as much if I had been driving.

Sunday I helped out lining up the Grand Old Day parade. Let me tell you, some people can be complete idiots. Two of us were stationed at the end of the street to head off traffic on Grand Ave, because that is where the parade was lining up, and where the parade route was. It was a one-way street, which half went to Grand Ave, and the other half was a freeway entrance. I can't tell you how many people did not follow my turn-around directions, but instead figured that they would just go the wrong way on the one-way street. We were there with a couple of police reserve officers, but since they are reserve they don't have the authority to ticket anyone. Otherwise, there would have been a lot of tickets! One of the most fun things about the day was that I was assigned one of the golf carts to use, so I got to drive up and down the alleyway, and to cart people from place to place where they needed help.

Just a week and some before my race... I hope I don't make a fool out of myself, and that the PT will help with the leg cramping.

On that note, I am going to veg for a bit and get to bed, so I can get up with the sun to go running...


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Holy mother of pain.

My left calf is killing me. I think it hates me. Really.

I woke up this morning before my alarm. Which was quite a feat, since it was set for 4:10am. I wanted to go for a longer run this morning before my 7:30 meeting. My calf hurt a bit yesterday after my 5-mile run, but I thought I would stretch a bit and it would be fine.

Yeah. Not fine. I was planning on going 8 miles this morning, but it ended up being 5. With me stopping a number of times to stretch, and then more walking than I would have liked. Top it off with the rain that started 2 miles into my run. So, soaked, too early in the morning, and in pain. Quite the trifecta.

Funny enough, I had made a doctor's appointment for today to have him look at my right knee. I fell on it in February, and it still hurts to kneel on it, and I have this funny fluid-like swelling below the kneecap. It is a pre-patellar bursitis. It does not really interfere with much, but I wanted to know what was going on. He offered to give me a lidocane and hydrocortozone shot to reduce the swelling, but 2 1/2 weeks before my half marathon, it was not worth the risk of an adverse reaction, or the risk of an infection. I also had him look at my calf, and now I have a PT appointment for next week, to deal with the tightness. The doctor's note says that I'm a marathoner.... I just saw that.

The doctor called me a marathoner. Holy crap.

So next week, I guess they are supposed to do some sort of ultrasound therapy and stretching to loosen up my "siezed" muscle (my terminology). And they should look at the bursitis to see if there is some sort of non-invasive treatment that can be done.

I guess it's the NordicTrack for me for a bit, to keep up my endurance. Seems to me that did not aggravate the calf. Plus if I do it at home, I won't have far to go if I need to stop. I need to do it, because for gosh sakes, I'm a marathoner!