Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making the rounds.

That's what's going on this week.

Going from place to place with a couple of women from work, putting on health fairs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Got to look at a BMI chart today at the health fair. Yippee. I know those things just don't take into account muscle, but it is still depressing to know that according to the chart, I am overweight, bordering on obese. But, I still don't have issues telling people how much I weigh. It's a number. And I weigh a lot more than what I look like.

It would, however, be nice to weigh less. And have my clothes fit better. I also think it would help immensely with my running. Like less pounding on the knee.

Eric and I went to an apple orchard on Sunday last weekend. It was nice to get out and do a "couples" thing together, with just the two of us. Seems like when we are home together over the weekend, we get busy with projects, and I just don't seem to see enough of him!

Anyway, my point .... there had been a 5-mile race at the orchard the day before (Saturday) and I know some folks with my running group were planning on running. But when I saw the posting up while we were there, I got kind of teary.

I want to run. But I am scared of what will happen. And talking to Eric, telling that I was thinking about running, he started getting concerned. I can't push it.

So I brought stuff with me on this trip to go walking. I walked for 50 minutes last night, and for an hour tonight. It sure clears up some of the cobwebs.

And on Monday, I started journalling again. And when the two women I am traveling with broke out candy bars for snacks yesterday, I broke out the cauliflower I had brought with me. They told me I was being too healthy. Um, we are out here putting on health fairs....

Yep, so I am again trying to follow the WW program. I don't plan on going to meetings, because, honestly, they just don't fit into my schedule - really the only day I can go is Saturday, and I would much rather go out with my running group (well, when I am actually running) than sit in a meeting room, trading ideas about food and coping strategies with a bunch of mommies. Not that there is anything wrong with being a mom, but I just don't fit into that group. And this Saturday I am going to be a course marshall for a local half marathon - the Monster Dash. I will be on the corner of Bryant and Minnehaha, if anyone is interested in coming out to visit, and cheer on the runners!

Anyhoo, I have an early morning - my ride will be leaving the hotel here at 6:45, and I did not sleep well in the hotel last night.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Still alive

But don't really feel like I have much to talk about.

But I keep telling myself that I am glad that I could not run the marathon on Sunday. Talking to my husband (who is a race official) they were about two degrees from calling the race off.

I guess it was somewhat a comedy of errors at the finish line. Some of the things he was complaining about:
  • The large clock at the finish never worked. They tried and tried, but it must have not gotten charged up properly after the Saturday events.
  • They didn't have the usual aluminum finish line tape (I was hoping to get some for a couple of friends who were running), but instead, had some duct tape that Eric said was not even sticking to itself.
  • Eric asked for a ladder so he could reach the timing clock at the finish. They got him a 6-foot ladder when he needed at least a 12-foot ladder. I told him that was his fault for not being more specific!
  • The ran out of lunch/food for the volunteers at the finish, and had to call to get some pizzas delivered.
  • The 10-milers used up all of the water on the last part of the course. They had to call out an extra "emergency" Chippewa water truck to get more water on the course.
  • They ran out of T-shirts for the 10-mile race
  • They almost ran out of kitty litter in the finish area. Kitty Litter? Um, yeah, there were more people than usual throwing up after they finished....
  • It was fucking hot.

And that's what I remember right now.

Good times.