Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All sorts of randomness

So how's life?

Mine feels like it has somehow gone bezerk, then ground to a halt.

And this is what has been going on:
  • because I can't run, somehow, I thought I would just not exercise. at all. Very very bad idea. no exercise means very cranky Anneke.
  • Eric and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday. I felt like I had not seen him for a month, and it was kind of weird "getting to know" him again. Seriously. Between the state fair, my trip to my sister's, his weekend trip to a fishing tourney in Brainerd, my work travel, his week of fishing in Canada.... You will be happy to know we still like each other!
  • After figuring out what had made me so cranky last Friday, I went for a walk. 5 miles. It was really good - except for the guy who decided he needed to honk his horn and flip me off (and the person who was just ahead of me who was jogging) as we were both on the side of the road. Hello - show me where there is a sidewalk in that particular 50 feet, and I will use it....
  • Friday at work was just a prize. I pretty much got into an argument with someone on a conference call, because he thought I should be doing something that is not my responsibility. Something that my boss has repeatedly told people that it is not my responsibility. It is a supplier issue. Not a safety issue. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I threw a pretty good tantrum at work, slammed a door (and EVERYONE in the office heard it) and left early because I had horrible heartburn. I don't get mad real often, but I guess it is worth the price of admission.
  • I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago. The hiring manager called me on Saturday to tell me that even though I was well qualified, and that I interviewed really well, I didn't get the job. Makes me wonder if they had someone already picked to fill the job before they did the interviews, because he asked that if they had a similar position open up elsewhere, would I consider relocating?
  • Sunday was about a perfect day. We visited some friends of Eric's at their cabin, and I got to do my most favorite thing in the world - sit on the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee, looking over the lake.
  • We had a friend of Eric's stay with us on Friday night, and he was doing the usual getting to know you thing, and he asked me if there was anything else that he should really know about me. I told him I was pretty much a homebody at heart. It makes me feel so good to have a clean house, laundry all done, and a fabulous dinner on the table for guests.
  • I got rear-ended yesterday on my way home from work. I was stopping behind a line of cars that were stopped at a light, and knew the person behind me was going to hit me. I pretty much stood on the brakes after I got hit to avoid hitting the car in front of me - I was successful. So we pull off the road, and this guy comes over to say he saw the whole thing, he was a witness. The lady that hit me tried to say that I had stopped quickly in front of her, but both this guy and I said that she had been following to close/going too fast - her reply "so it's all my fault then?" Why yes, it was.... Even though she hit me, I did not hit the car in front of me. And she was the one that got the ticket, not me. It's my company vehicle, so now I get to deal with all of our company paperwork, and insurance, and repairs and such. Oh, yeah, and I'm fine.

So that's pretty much the update.

That, and I need to work on losing weight again, I can tell... my arms start going to sleep at night when I am in bed, and I am starting to have some heartburn issues. Good times. Now where on earth did I stash that motivation?


Friday, September 14, 2007

Knee news

Well, there is nothing REALLY wrong.

It's kind of an irritation or something similar with the meniscus of my knee.

It's not torn, but with all of the pounding associating with the running I have been doing, the ortho said it was getting "spongy" and - the best description I can say is - wrinkled, and that is what is causing the pain. It is not torn. There is a surgery that can remove the portion of the cushioning (meniscus) which may alleviate the pain, if I was a "dedicated marathoner" but as I am just hoping to run one.... I don't want to have to go through the surgery.

The doctor said the marathon this fall is out - I should try and see if it heals by not running for anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. He said that pretty much trying to run Grandma's in the spring is out, but I might be able to train up for the marathon next year.

I got a elecronic newsletter from the TC marathon today, and at the end of it is a picture of the finisher's medal. I looked at it, and teared up, knowing I will not be getting mine in October.

It sucks.

But, I need to accept it and move on. Better to be able to walk for the rest of my life, and to try again next year. It's not like I have not accomplished anything this year - have run further in one day than ever before. I just need to be smart, and not try to over do it.

And I need to drop some weight, so I don't have that much more on my knees.

So that's the plan. Walk, bike, lose weight, and aim for a marathon in a year.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I would rather have my toenails pulled out

I was home last night, putzing on the computer when the phone rang.

I didn't recognize the number, but I picked it up anyway. The person on the other end of the phone asked for my husband.

Me: may I ask who is calling?
him: This is ---- from ---- I am calling about a entry form that Eric filled out at Bass Pro Shops.
me: Is this about a time share presentation?
him: yes, and a vacation
me: well, you already called, and we said we were not interested
him: what was the reason you were not interested in the vacation deal?
me: I told my husband that I would rather have my toenails pulled out than to sit through another timeshare presentation
him: okay then..... thanks

and then I hear him trying not to burst out laughing as he is disconnecting the call.

You would think they would take us off the list. How more point blank can I be?

And among other assorted news:

I had an MRI on my knee this morning. I have an appointment with the orthopaedist on Friday to go over the results. I also need to bring him my running shoes. At this point, I am kind of scared to go running, for fear of damaging something. I might go for a walk though. I love this time of year, when it's about 55 to 60 degrees in the morning, and it is just envigorating. It is quite sad that I won't be running tomorrow morning at 5am.

I talked to my brother-in-law tonight. I wanted to see if he had any words of wisdom, as I have a job interview tomorrow morning, with the company he currently works for (well, of course he is off on medical right now...). He had some good things to say, and I can really tell that he is making more progress. He got out of the inpatient rehab, and is now at home each night, and I think that is really good for him, and much better for my nieces. My parents are staying with them, so they have been driving him back and forth to the rehab each day, so my sister can work and take care of other things. He is still not back to what he was, and perhaps will never be completely back, but he is continuing to make good progress.

And that's what's up here.


Monday, September 10, 2007

PSA - don't make regrets necessary

It's been kind of a shocking couple of days.

I found out on Friday that a friend of mine had killed himself on the 6th. It is just so sad.

The funeral service was today, and I am glad that I was able to make it. It was also sad, because I think one of the last few times I had seen my friend was when he had gotten married in the same church. I guess I had been closer to his wife/widow, but we had all kind of gone our own ways in the last couple of years.

The group of us knew each other from working in a haunted house that is no longer running. And we all talked about how we should have gotten together before this. It was nice seeing folks, but also so incredibly sad that we have not all seen each other in years, and have not kept touch.

The priest talked about how his family and friends would be thinking about the "could have, should have, would haves" but there is nothing to do but get past that, because what is done is done. But it still makes me wonder what would have happened if we had all stayed in touch and had that camaraderie and support that he evidently needed.

So, don't make those regrets necessary. Make sure you let the people that are important to you know they are important. In this day and age there is no excuse for not staying in touch... how much effort does it really take to sent an e-mail, or to make a phone call?


Thursday, September 06, 2007


A friend of mine sent me a note yesterday, to wish me a happy birthday (yes, I turned 37 yesterday) and to ask me if I was running on Saturday.

I'm not running for two reasons -

1. The group meets at 8, and I am volunteering at the Renaissance Festival, and need to be there at 9:30. With the hour drive, I would not be able to make it.
2. Because I'm not running. At all. It hurts. And it really makes me sad.

Do you know how much I would cry if I could not run any more? There is absolutely nothing like a runner's high, and the tired exhaultation you have after going for a long run. You have to be a runner to understand. I guess this means I am a runner.

So, here's the story... I went to the PT on Friday (8/31) and since I was still having pain, and worse than it was before, she said it was time to go to the Ortho. But, I should still do the activities (cardio) that did not hurt me, to keep in shape - if there was something simple I might still be able to attempt the marathon. So I got on the NordicTrack bright and early Saturday morning. 75 minutes, and 8 miles.

And the knee hurt. Not while I was exercising. But that day, just walking around. And it hurt the next day, to the point where I was walking without bending my knee at all, because it hurt. And the next day, it was giving me pain while I was driving.

Something is definately off.

I have an appointment with the Ortho on Monday. We'll have to see what happens.