Thursday, April 23, 2009

And so it begins

Last Friday, I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon. It's in the works, baby!

Saturday, I was scheduled to run 9 miles. And suprisingly, I did! Wasn't really feeling it when I got there in the morning, but decided to head out and see how I felt, it was going to be an out and back run. Ran the first 3.5 with a couple of women who were going to do 7, then actally caught up with another group that I knew was planning 9. We were pacing somewhere around 11 minute miles, which felt really comfortable, and I was good with that.

Turned around, we were all chatting and having a good time, and at about mile 6, I decided I wanted to push it a little more. I pretty much finished up the last couple of miles doing a 10 minute mile pace. Which pretty much made my day. And the best part: I was totally good the rest of the day - a lot of times when I do longer runs, I tend to crash and nap in the afternoon - and I didn't do that! Score!

I have a good training plan put together, which will encorporate both bicycling and running. I just have to prepare myself when I travel to put the bike in the back of the truck! Totally didn't get in the mid-week bicycle ride this week.

On assorted other news - my mom and aunt met with my grandmother's doctor, and after grandma had told us that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's I guess the meeting went really well - if she does indeed have Alzheimer's, it is in the very beginning stages, and should be controlled with the medication she is now on. I hate to say it, but this grandmother has always been a bit of a confused lady, and what probably happened when the Dr. initially talked to her was that she told Grandma that it was possible that it was Alzheimer's.... and all she heard or understood was that it WAS Alzheimer's.

I'm frustrated with Eric. I feel like the cranky mom more and more lately.... pick up your stuff, put your laundry away, and quit spending money you don't have. I got mad at him again last night... a couple of weeks ago, he spent about $500 on some more "fishing" items. Out of the joint account. Money that I had counted on to pay some bills. So I had to do some financial tap dancing, again. I was traveling at the time, and when I saw it on the bank statement, I spent about 20 minutes "yelling" at him on the phone (If you know me, I get more and more quiet when I'm angry...) with me basically telling him: Quit. Spending. Money. You. Don't. Have. And last week, he put another $150 on a credit card I had told him not to use anymore. So he paid $90 on the balance... It keeps going the wrong way. And I don't know what to do. And it seems that he just can't return any of the stuff he bought. How convenient.

So right now, I have a bunch of Post-it notes with the amounts we owe in diffrent areas (truck, boat, HELOC, Credit Cards) and they are on the bedroom mirror. So he can have a reality check on what we actually owe, instead of him having no clue, since he doesn't ever think about it.

And the credit cards are all put away, and hidden where he doesn't know where they are. Same with the "emergency" stash that he keeps dipping into because he is overspending his weekly "allowance". Yes, my husband has an allowance. It was one of the ways that we decided would help him manage money - I have no say about what he spends that on... because you have to have some money for that sort of thing...

Can you tell I'm about at the end of my rope? I told him last night I was thinking about disowning him. (Somewhat in jest... but you know....) He and his ex-wife many years ago went through a bankrupcy. You would think he would not want to go there again, and I'm scared that we are headed there if I don't get things under control.

On that note, I need to shower and go to work - We owe, we owe so off to work I go.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

A plan

My running coach sent me a training plan for the next three months. I didn't have the nerve to open it up to look at it. I think I'm kinda scared. But I am gonna look at it. And follow it.

Related to that... it was a long day, but I didn't let that be an excuse not to exercise. Even after getting in my truck at 6:15 this morning, driving 2.5 hours for a day of work meetings (form 9 to 4) then driving back and getting home, oddly at about 6:15 this evening. I put on my running clothes and went out. the thought in my head was an easy 3. Which actually turned into 4 miles. And even though I was trying to sit back and not push it.... I averaged 10:21 miles.


I feel like I have just been a bit of a lump lately, and I needed that.

On that note, time to hit the shower.