Sunday, February 21, 2010

Status Update

Wednesday - got up at the hotel, got in 3 miles on the treadmill
Thursday - at home, worked out on the bike in the basement
Friday - at home before my 7:30 am conference call, did 30 minutes on the bike in the basement
Saturday - in Kansas City, ran 5 miles.

Sunday - a day of rest. You know that the 40 days of Lent does not include Sundays, right?

Thursday was an incredibly busy day at work. I was trying to get everything done to be able to "take the day off" on Friday, as I had worked my holiday on Monday. I had gotten into the office at 7:30am, had two off-site meetings, back in the office, phone calls, reports, etc. Left the office about 5:30, headed home to get things in order for my 6:30 Jaycee meeting. Frazzled was an understatement.

Friday I drove down to Kansas City. Along the way I took two conference calls, then ran into weather that was pretty much complete crap. And to top it off, just before I got into Missouri, the car started making a strange rattling noise, and I could feel a bit of a shaking. When I pulled into a rest area, I looked under the car, and the skid plate on the front of the car had come loose and was dragging. I called triple A, who told me that all they could do was have it towed somewhere. So I got out the jack, and lifted up the front of the car to see if I could remove it. Of course I didn't have the right tool.... went and asked the guy who was running a snowblower there if he had a hex nut driver. He wasn't sure what that was....

Anyway, as he went to go look for some tools, a nice young man who was driving by asked if I needed any help, so I took him up on his offer - the snowblower guy came by with a tool kit that had some allen wrenches, and the other young man pulled out a floor mat to lay on, and took out the three screws that remained holding on the skid plate.

It took me about 12 hours with all of the trials and tribulations to make the drive to KC, when in good conditions, you can make it in a little under 8.

I was in Kansas to attend a baby shower for a friend that I have known since Jr High. It was good to see her - she's 40 and having her first child, so being there was also interesting. My sister was there also, she is worried that our friend is not prepared enough... she's due at the end of March, but they still had not gotten the bed moved out of the bedroom that is going to be the nursery, we put togheter the crib and the pack and play, and I guess my sister took her shopping and made her purchase a number of other items she needs. Not that I know these things, as I've never had babies...

And the drive back home today was also interesting. Through most of Missouri, I was driving about 40 mph on the freeway, the roads were slushy/icy/snowy and not fun at all.

I do have to brag about my husband, though - when I called him as I was leaving, I asked him what was for dinner. So he spent the day preparing me a meal: Bruchetta as an appetizer, salad, lasagne (meat lasagne for him, veggie lasagne with whole wheat noodles for me), garlic bread, and Creme Brulee for desert.

Probably didn't need all of the calories, but I was not going to turn it down!

I'll be back burning calories in the morning!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The power of 40


I thought I should probably write something again.

You can tell I haven't been in the groove lately. As in, when I feel like things are going well, I feel good about myself, and I'm actually eating right and exercising on a regular basis, I have a tendancy to write.

So I'm making a committment to myself.

To the power of 40.

40's just a number, right? 40 - that's how old I will be this year. 40 - that's about how many pounds I would like to lose (of course I'll take the 25-30 that I gained in the last couple of years.) 40 - that's how many days there are of Lent.

So here's the plan:

For the 40 days of Lent, I plan to exercise at least 20 minutes a day. And that means each day, not 40 every other day (even though it would fit into the theme of "40"). And as I can, I will try to update here on how things are going.