Saturday, March 29, 2008

My cat hates me

I think it's the pills I have been stuffing down her throat.

She appears to feel better after I do it, but it does not make the task any more pleasant. She has taken to hiding from me in the morning and the evening, when she knows it is time for the deed.

Mashing the pills and mixing them in wet food and tuna only worked for so long. When you get it every day, it's no longer a treat. Which is why I started doing the whole pills.

Yeah. And that does not work so well. She's on a heart medication, a thyroid medication, and half a baby asprin every other day. The latest manover has been to crush the pills, mix them with a little water, and squirt them in her mouth. I'm sure it tastes horrible, but it's done and over with pretty quickly.

I was a little worried this morning when I could not find her. But she came out from hiding before I had to leave to meet my running group. I'm scared that someday, she's just going to crawl into a corner and give up the ghost. So Eric and I have spent quite a bit of time this evening being nice to her, and giving her love and attention.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to continue with the pills, if all they do is make her hate me, and not want to be "my cat" any more. The eternal question: Quantity of life vs. Quality of life. I would say I want to go for the quality of life. But it's hard.

That's all

Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome, Friday

As I got into bed last night, I told Eric that he had to kick me out of bed in the morning when the alarm went off.

So at about 5:30 this morning, I was on the NordicTrack. 45 minutes of pretty medium intensity workout. I went about 4.1 miles. At least, that's what my electronic doohickey told me.

This week started out very poorly.

I was so hungover on Monday, that it leaked into Tuesday. And it made my workout on Wednesday just suck the big one.

I don't know why I drank all of the wine on Easter at my MIL's house, other than the fact that it was there. And we were playing Mexican Train, and I kind of lost track of what I was doing. I kind of feel like I need to call my MIL and apologize for my stupiditiy, but I just want to move on.

Yeah, so I have decided there will be no drinking of alcohol until at least June. Why June? Because it is over two months away. And I have zero desire to have any alcohol for at least two months, if it takes me three days to recover. I must be getting old.

On another note - today was pretty nice. After the 45 minutes of working out this morning, I got into work early, and got a lot accomplished. Eric took the day off, so he showed up to take me out to lunch - half a veggie hoagie at Davanni's, then we drove over to Mounds Park where we went for a short walk. He called a little later to inform me that we have reservations at 6:30 tonight. Where, I don't know - but it will be part 2 of the "date". (The first part being lunch).

I have a full weekend coming up, and I am looking forward to it, especially to meet my running group tomorrow morning to shake off the bad week. Nothing like getting outside and going for a run!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jogging in place

Well, maybe forwards and backwards.... but the end result is the same.

I had a couple of crappy eating weeks. Like, I know I shouldn't, but I just don't care at this time. Like two forays to the "Pizza Ranch" in just as many weeks. I love pizza, and should just know better. I leave hurting.

Food, not so good.
Exercise, not much better. I'm sure it's because of the crap I have been shoving through my system.

Today, it was better. Got up and worked out on my bicycle in the basement. Drank water. Ate healthy food. And I still have points left, and I'm not that hungry. Perhaps some fruit later.

And work today was just interesting. Trying to get folks to do what is their job, having someone tell me that they don't have the time, so I spent about 4 hours this afternoon doing someone else's job.

And fielding about 1800 phone calls, it seems like. Cell phone ringing when I'm on the house phone, after the 3rd cell call from the same number I get off the house phone, to have it ring again...

So the cell phone call this time: Some employee complaining he has to pay the tax on an eye exam. So many things wrong with this picture... 1. I am in the Safety department. Not the benefits/HR department. Eye exam is part of your health care benefits. How many times do I need to explain this to people (and the HR department who hears "safety glasses" and sends people my direction without listening to the whole story...). 2. The tax was $1.53. Seriously..... SERIOUSLY? Pay the stinking $1.53. Would you like me to give you the $2 so you don't waste any more of my time?

And the second call on my home phone? Yeah. That would be my sister. They are stranded in Dallas. They were on the way to Florida for Spring break, and flew to Dallas from Tulsa. Only to get delayed because of weather. And since they were not in their departing city, they couldn't re-book for some odd mysterious reason. Then the airline was nice and relented. So they are going to fly out of Dallas on Thursday, to continue their trip. Yes. Today is Tuesday. Their flight has basically been delayed for two days. I know the airline cannot control the weather. But seriously - two days????? At least I found them a hotel room, with a free shuttle to/from the airport, with an indoor pool, for $60 a night. Last I heard they were trying to have someone find their luggage, since, of course, it was checked through to Florida, and was in the secured area.

At least it's not me.

I'm just fielding all of the phone calls.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gallup along

I finally answered the phone when the Gallup pollID showed up.

Some kind of interesing questions... but when they asked how many times I had exercised in the past week for 30 minutes or more, I was able to say: 4 times. And how many days in the last week, how many have I eaten 5 or more fruits or vegetables? That would be 5, thank you. I know it should probably be more... but it is most likely more than most people.

Although I wasn't that thrilled about the height and weight questions. I know I am overweight, and I don't really have a problem telling folks how much I weigh, but they are usually looking at me - and I weigh a lot more than I look like.

That, and a lot of health and "are you content with your lifestyle" questions.

Yep, pretty stinkin' healthy, and happy with my life.

On another topic, I went for a run after work today. It went pretty well, and I'm pretty excited about that. I started out doing about 12 minute miles (the first mile is always tough) and the last mile I was doing about 10 minute miles. Gettin into my grove, and feeling strong and healthy.

And after a nice bubble bath, I have been a mad woman in the kitchen. Stuff needed to get used up that was in the refrigerator, so I made my husband some lovely food which is now neatly labeled and in the freezer: Wild rice soup, and meatloaf.

Tomorrow I am gone out west for work, and Eric will have to fend for himself. I am thankful we figured out a way to give the cat her midictions with a minimum of fuss, because I don't know that my lovely husband would have been able to do it.

And otherwise, it's a quiet evening.


Monday, March 03, 2008

1 week

I have gone a week. Journaling. I went over in points, but at least I accounted for everything. That counts, right?

I'm not as hungry this week as I was last week. I really think cutting out a lot of the refined sugar has something to do with it too.

I'm considering going to see a nutritionist. We had a guest speaker at our running club group, who talked about some research that has been done on women athletes. One of the things you need tobe careful of is not to go into a "negative energy balance" by not providing your body the building blocks it needs to support the exercise. It's kind of a catch 22 when you are trying to lose weight - you need to walk a fine balance.

On another news front, my cat seems to be doing better. The lady I ran with on Saturday said that when she had to give her cat pills, she crushed them and mixed them with tuna. So we got a can of wet cat food and have been mixing the pills with about half a teaspoon of cat food, and she eats it all up with no fuss. So we won't have to torture the cat by stuffing pills down it's throat.

She is, however, stubborn, and not willing to admit she has limitations... she is still trying to jump up on things, and missing and falling. Not much I can do about that.