Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life can be crazy

I feel like my life is pulling me in lots and lots of directions.

And my exercise routine is suffering. I don't want it to, but seems like I have too much going on, between the travel, the voulnteer work, the travel, the spending quality time with hubby, family and friends, the travel, the laundry and housework, etc.

I'm signed up to run a half marathon on the 4th of July. I was pretty excited to do so, and had a training plan put together, but I've skipped a lot of the runs. Or shortened them.... and did a 150 mile bike ride during the middle of the training.

I know I will finish, but I don't think it's going to be pretty. As in, I will probably average 12 minute miles. And I know I can do better. That's the frustrating part.

I'm in Harvey, ND right now. I know, where is that? It's 70 miles south east of Minot. I will be getting up to run tomorrow morning but I don't want to over-do it.

On the diet front - I'm trying a couple of things.

number one - I am not eating in any vehicles. One of my downfalls is mindlessly munching while I am driving down the road. Seriously. I CAN take some time to pull over somewhere and eat. I managed an 8 hour drive yesterday without snacking. It can be done. (for clarification, this does not include drinks or gum - but the drinks must be low/no calorie, as in coffee or diet soda)

number two - I read something about a "no S" diet. No sugar. No snacks. No seconds. Except for days that start in "s". (S can also mean a special occasion.) It's more about being mindful of your eating, and cutting down on some of the crap and sweets that just contribute to cravings and crap eating. But it lets you live your life.

Last night I actually had a fairly decent meal in Minot, at Perkins. It was a grilled chicken breast with mushrooms and swiss cheese, on a bed of rice, with two sides (I chose broccoli and spinich). And the veggies were honestly good. I tend to avoid restaurants like that... but food like that might make me change my mind.

On that note, it's off to the hotel... where there is no internet. Guess I will watch the movie I have with me, and work on an afgahn for one of the four sets of friends that are getting married in October. Yes. Four October weddings....


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes I really wonder

I wonder about my husband, or more accurately, what he really thinks.

I accused him of having ADD the other day. I asked him if we could make a deal - I would cook him some dinner (I had already eaten) if he would work on clearing off the dining room table. He agreed, or more accurately, he didn't say "no". So I'm getting things prepped to cook, and he disappears. I find him on the computer... checking e-mail.

So I herded him back to the table.

About 10 minutes later, he was back at the computer - he had found a membership renewal that was due that day or the following day that he asked me if I had paid it - I said I hadn't gotten to it yet, so there he was doing that.

I asked him why it was so difficult to spend 25 minutes doing one task. I told him that I knew it wasn't something that he enjoyed doing - but really, I don't really enjoy washing dishes or scrubbing toilets... but I do that. I think he got the point, because he went back to work.


Yesterday, I got a call in the morning, to see if he had left the two containers of leftovers at the house, because he couldn't find them when he arrived at work.

They weren't at home, and they weren't with him.

I think he put them on the back of the truck while he opened the door, and they are now somewhere along the side of the road.


And yesterday evening I offered to make him somthing for dinner before I had to leave for a meeting. He said no, because he wasn't hungry.

Gave him some options, told him what was there to make.

I get home, he has gone to Subway. Which I had headed him off the night before saying that we had food in the house. Seriously. We have bread. We have cheese. We have tomatos. We have all that stuff. But no. Mr. Instant gratification cannot make himself a sandwich.


So I got up and made him pasta with spagetti sauce this morning to take for lunch. Becuause he no longer has leftovers - they are on the side of the road.

I tell him
"I must love you"

He says
"I think you just want me to eat food we already have in the house"

I ask
"so how does buying yourself fast food help you to save money for that certain item you want?"

With his head down:
"it doesn't"


I get frustrated with him... but I still somehow love him. Sometimes I wonder why, but he has his moments.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was just too cute not to share

“Trespasser” rescued from CP track
Waddler gets away safe and sound.

When S&C Maintainer Ian McLarty was hi-rail testing on the Broadview Subdivision, he noticed a family of waterfowl crossing our right of way. Just as they were about to finish crossing safely, Ian overheard a "chirping" sound and noticed one of the siblings got stuck. With some gentle assistance via "a little push" the family was reunited.

And they lived quackily ever after…