Tuesday, November 11, 2008

still no shower

but I have a functioning tub. Thank god I can still bathe.

I could do the rest myself... but then Eric would get all cranky on me, that I wasn't doing it properly. I'll give him until the weekend. Then it's my turn.

Went to a Yoga and Cooking retreat last weekend.

First time I've done yoga. Not completely sold on it, but I don't know that it was exactly "intro" level. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing. I felt clumsy, and felt like the instructor was singling me out that I was "doing it wrong". Yeah. Didn't make me want to do it again with that instructor...

And the cooking. Holy carb fest. Yes. I broke. And ate ice cream with home-made hot fudge sauce, chocolate crepes, and carmalized bananas. Topped with candied walnuts. And I had a second helping with a glass of wine.

But my friend and I got up and went for a run on Sunday morning. Well, a run/walk. We went out intending to do the 6 mile loop, but she got a massive charlie horse in her calf at about 2 miles in, so we turned around and walked back. But at least we got out there! I gotta get my rear in gear if I want to do a 5K in a couple of weeks, but it's still crazy at work. I know, excuses...

On that note, I'm off. I'm meeting someone at 7am, and it will take me about an hour to drive there in the morning. The excitement never ends.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


My parents came and stayed for a week.

They only live an hour and a half away, but I asked if my dad could come and (help) fix the hole in our shower wall.

So they came. Dad also brought the power washer, and washed my window trim on the house to get rid of all of the loose and peeling paint. While he worked in the bathroom (taking down tile and drywall, working on some plumbing, putting up new drywall, insulating, glueing up a shower surround) I workd on getting the windows primed and sealed, cooked all sorts of South Beach food and meals with my mother, visited about 12 grocery stores, and made several trips to the hardware store.

It was a busy week.

And yes, I did say South Beach. I'm into my 4th week, and as of Monday, I was down 11 pounds, which puts me into the 170's. My pants fit. I wore a pair of size 12 pants to dinner last night even...

And even though I keep obsessing about food - can I eat this? Ooooh, that looks good, wait, it's not on the "approved" list... it's actually going very well. I'm not having insane cravings.

We will see how it goes when I start logging miles on the work vehicle next week. Driving definately sucks.

On that note, I need to see if the shower surround is ready to be caulked. I want to take a shower!