Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do what you say you are going to do....

Okay, so I did not exercise yesterday.

I'm using the excuse that I shoveled snow for about two hours on Sunday, and I was TIRED. I actually felt like I had run a half marathon kind of tired. And I know how that kind of tired feels... so yeah, about two hours of cardio work.

I had intentions of exercising yesterday afternoon, but I had a taste test I was going to do, and they had overbooked the study, so they paid me the $75 for showing up, and sent me home after being there for 15 minutes. So what's a girl to do? (And no, I did not go to a mall or a department store...) I called my hubby, and told him my story, and he asks if that means I am taking him out to dinner.

Since I had some errands I wanted to get done, I went home, gathered up my husband, and we ran errands: Drop off library book, pick up another, filled out the paperwork to cancel my Y membership (not using it, thanks - much easier to run out my door than pack up to go to the gym), went to REI and tried on backpacks for my backpacking/camping trip (I want to get the pack so I can do some training hikes with it), went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner, then went to Warner Stellion to look at a freezer - our freezer came with the house, it's ancient, and does not close properly, therefore we have to defrost it way too often.

So the short version is that we got home after 9pm, and I don't want to do anything that late at night that resembles exercise, which just tends to keep me awake.

I know excuses, excuses.

I did, however, get in 45 minutes on the NordicTrack this morning. And I got out the ab machine I have, dusted it off and did some exercises on that too.

I am kicking around the idea of enrolling myself in a half-marathon training program. The coach of the women's running group I have now joined is offering a spring program. I am not planning on doing a half this spring, but doing the program would have the benefit of getting my legs in better shape for the trip to Isle Royale. And heck, perhaps I could do a smaller race, to see if I improve my PR. Then also I can continue training for the marathon I want to do in the fall. The information session is tonight, and I am debating weather to go or not. And I am leaning toward "not" at this point. I'm still going to run. And continue to train. And to get my legs under me and in shape, so I can do some more serious training all summer.

What's a girl to do?

Thanks for letting me babble.

Friday, February 23, 2007


And I am not even traveling this week. And I didn't go anywhere last week...

Big Sigh. I have been catching up on stuff around the office. And dealing with a huge project/analysis that they threw at me last week.

And someone asked me the other day if they had filled my equivalent position yet... the one that has been vacant since July..... 2005 that is. My response:

"Yeah, just excuse me as I laugh quietly to myself in my cubicle… it's either that or cry in frustration. They interviewed, again. And they plan to hire someone, again. But they have to jump through the hoops and the loops of our HR department, again. And now my boss (the person hiring, and therefore the person who would make the candidate the offer) is on vacation until the 26th. So it's a waiting game, again. And they plan to hire the person who took the job and quit once already…"

On another note - I have decided for Lent, I am going to exercise every day. No excuses. So Wednesday I got on the Nordic Track in the morning. Thursday, after work I ran 3 miles (in 33 minutes!) and I got on the NT again this morning. Tomorrow, I am meeting with the women's running group my friend has invited me to, and we will do a 3 mile loop around Lake Harriet, weather permitting (if we don't have the predicted 4 inches of snow!)

The run yesterday was actually pretty good. The first mile really kind of sucked, but once I got into it (I told myslef I was going to run the whole loop) I felt really energized and strong. I could have done more, but I'm not going to push it at the moment. I need to work on my 3-milers more consistantly before I start adding some more miles. Sitting here thinking about it really makes me want to go for another run!

This last weekend was actually pretty relaxing - and I needed it, but the food and beverage thing did not go so well. I got on the scale on Tuesday, and I was up 5 pounds. Yikes. So I am working on that.... I'm currently writing down my exercise, and my feelings about that, etc, and my food that I eat - but I haven't bit the bullet to figure out points. It's a start, right?

The other thing I plan to do for Lent, is to get some $ stuff under control. I am not going to go into a department store of a mall - I don't need any more "stuff!" It's quite rediculous, actually. My bonus this year is going to pay off credit cards. And I need to save money. My DH got put on a budget, but I can't seem to do the same for myself. I do well for a while, then I just cave, and go on a clothes shopping spree. It makes me feel good. I need to stick to the running endorphins, I guess.

Make it a great one!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day

At least I did not say V- D! I wonder what kind of hits I could get with that phrase...

So on with the Snackie instructions, with today being a day of self-love.

One thing I like about me: I think at this point, I would say my intelligence, and that I like for things to get done right. Like knowng that RSVP means that the host would like a response, weather it be yes or no. Like knowing the ins and outs of federal regulations as they relate to work policies, so people call me up and ask me questions and my opinion - it give me warm fuzzy feelings to know that I can speak intelligently, and that people listen to me. Like my stepdaughter telling my Mother-in-Law that I am one of the smartest people that she knows... it makes me feel good!

Oh, and I like my hair. (had to add that one in!)

So, here's your chance to tell me what you like about ME!

And on another note, I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend last night... we were actually very civil to each other, but for some reason, he needed to tell me that he had been pregnant with twins... some medical anomoly, and that I had two other friends that were pregnant with twins (I currently DO have a friend pregnant with twins.)



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

V-day Eve

And I am sitting at home by myself.

Spent most of the evening, watching some TV, and working on a baby afgahn for a friend of mine. So am I a geek if I am really wanting to go visit the knitting and crocheting show at the Mall of America on Saturday??? I will admit it, I want to enter into the contest to see if I can crochet faster than the average person, the finalists can go compete in New York. Yep. I'm offically strange.

I had a really "A-HA" moment last week, with regards to getting into shape. I got into the hotel at a fairly decent time, and spent about 25 minutes on the starmaster, and ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. And the running just felt good, with the music cranked on my mp3 player. Jess talked about how she was dedicating her yoga last week to her uncle, and I am unoffically dedicating my hiking/camping trip to Isle Royal at the end of May to my sister... not that she has what you would consider a "life-threatening" illness, but she is diabetic. As in needs daily doses of insulin. As in would never be able to go out for days at a time without facilities with which to keep her insulin supply refrigerated. I'm doing it because I can. And I know I can.

Of course the feeding of my face the entire weekend, and the absence of exercise was not a good thing. I believe my "experiment" of not tracking what I eat, and planning to get in shape is a failure. If I don't write it, and hold myself accountable that way, it does not happen.

So, I am writing things down again. I got myself a new cute little pink memo notebook, with a rubber band around it (gotta love the stuff at Target) and I am writing things down. I am also writing notes to myself about the day there too, to keep my head in it.

And tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I told Eric that I didn't really want anything, and that I was not planning on getting him anything... but I think that was after he already got me something. Sometimes he just does the darndest things. Like the year that I had lost so much weight, and was cold a fair portion of the time, he bought be two cashmere cardigans "to keep me warm when he was not there to do it for me." Yep. Offical sap. He also pointed out a restaurant on Monday as we were on the way home from the grocery store, and asked me if I had ever eaten at it, and if I wanted to eat there on Valentine's day. An Indian restaurant. He does not really like that kind of food... but I REALLY hate going out to eat on Valentine's day, so I told him I would rather have a nice dinner at home. And so we shall.

In that vein, tonight I looked through my low-fat, and weight watchers type cookbooks, and I think I have set upon what I would like to prepare: Shrimp in a cheese sauce (lf cream cheese, and ff feta, spices, etc.), some sort of potatos (probably mashed) veggies, and "strawberry granache" for desert (basically frozen strawberries, pureed with some sweetner and a small amount of lemon juice). And perhaps a glass of wine.

Anyway, I'm off... it's bedtime for Anneke, if I want to get up at 5:30 am to exercise again in the morning. I did 45 min on the NordicTrack this morning, and I plan to repeat it tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won't wake up during the night to hear the retching of the cats again. The only good thing about hearing it, is that you know to look for it - it really sucks to step in that with bare feet in the morning!

On that note-

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I had a really weird one last night.

I was trying to go somewhere to audition for something. I don't remember what I wanted to audtition for, but I needed to drive somewhere to autition. I thought it was Duluth. But when I drove there (and in my former car that I sold 6 years ago) I called my cousin to get directions, and he told me that the audition was in Minong. Why Minong? Not sure. So as I am pulled over in this lot, talking on the phone, some idiot manages to hit my car and ding up the front bumper. He tried to give me $5 then $10 to just forget about it, but I wasn't interested, I wanted his insurance information. Along about that time, my mother shows up, saying she's late and needs to get a birthday present to someone. I figure, why not, I'm not going to make my thing anyway... so she gets in with another lady, the present, and a golden shepard. And then it's my new car with the leather seats. Large dog in backseat with leather seats don't mix... so I tell her that I have changed my mind. So my mother tries to drive off in my car - which is a manual transmission that she really hates to drive (she can in a pinch, but really does not do it well). So I try to put on the emergency brake, but she takes off anyway. I manage to get her slowed down, and yank the steering wheel over so we are turning circles on some park lawn, and I shove her out the door of the car.

Then my alarm went off.

What does this mean????

The good news is that I got out of bed in Fargo this morning, and ran on the treadmill in the hotel. Bad news: it was already in use when I got down there this morning, so I did 15 minutes on the stairstepper. Also, it's snowing, and I have to drive to Harvey, ND for a meeting at noon. So, I am up, showered, need to pack and get out the door.

So really, what does that dream mean?

Sunday, February 04, 2007


But I'm getting better.

I got home Thursday evening, and put myself to bed. My lovely hubby made me a bowl of chicken soup, as I requested, and I fell asleep around 10pm.

Friday, I didn't even consider going to work. I felt completely lousy. I got out of bed to pee, and to find something to eat. I watched a bunch of movies on cable (Actually watched "Fried Green Tomatos" for the first time, really!), and napped. I got up around 5:30 because I was feeling a little more human, took a bath, put on some "real" clothes, ate the dinner of spagetti that Eric had prepared, and I was done. I thought we might be going to a store to look at some stuff, but I had zero energy - back into bed for Anneke!

Yesterday, I slept until 9, putzed around the house for a bit, then started working on a sewing project that took the rest of the day. I made myself a fleece hat, scarf, and mittens. It would have gone faster had I cleaned and lubricated the sewing machine earlier, but hind sight is 20/20 right?

Today, we went up to have breakfast with Eric's sister in Caimbrige, and to his mother's house to see if we could find the reciept for the book she gave me for Christmas (one that I had purchased and read already), with no luck. On the way home, we stopped at the Circut City to return the case for the MP3 player that I had gotten for Christmas, with no luck there... they have a strict 30-day return policy. "It's written on the BACK of the reciept". AAAAAARgh. Um, it's a case. and it was $10. for cripes sake... I know I should not be aggrivated, but I really am. I most likely will not use it, as I prefer the one it came with. And they recommended this accessory to Eric - not telling him that they player ALREADY CAME with one. Am I irritated? That would be a "yes".

And today is the Superbowl. I am trying to decide if I want to watch it. I would just watch for the commercials, how completely sad is that? And there are definately other things that could get done - top of the list is laundry and packing for the three nights I will be gone this week.

It was actually nice to get outside today, even though the high temperature today was predicted to be -4 F. Yep. Since I have not been outside since Thursday, it was a bit of a novelty. It makes me glad that we have cars that run well in this sort of weather!

On that note, I am going to start getting things ready for dinner - Chicken and squash are on the menu at the moment. We will see how I feel like preparing them!