Thursday, June 04, 2009

I've been boring lately

Seems like all I have been doing is going to work, exercising, and doing stuff with the Jaycees.

The workouts have been going pretty well. I like to tell people that I'm on the 6-month plan for the marathon.... which is true, since I have had a training plan for a couple of months now, and have been mostly following it...

This week, I flip-flopped a couple of the workouts - I wanted to run with one of the TC marathon sponsored running events for National Running Day, so I headed out to join the event at Como at 6pm.

The group started out slower, but built up to doing about 9:30 miles, and I kept up around the lake for the first lap, slowed down for about half the lake, then found another group of poeple that I ended up talking to, and did 9.5 to 10 minute miles... when all was said and done, I averaged 10 minute miles. Not too shabby for me!

And tonight, I rode my bicycle to book club. And I took the long way there, because I wanted to get in more of a workout. So I put in about 10.5 miles tonight on the bike. 50 minutes or so... I guess I supposed to do some "intensity" workouts (pedal hard for 1 min, recover for 2 min, etc.) but I find that really hard to do when I am out on the trails and city streets, with stopsigns and hills!

I'm also trying to use a new program I downloaded on my i-Pod, which lets me track calories and exercise, and gives me a calorie goal for every day so I can try and lose about a pound a week, since I managed to eat mindlessly enough for too long to gain 5 pounds.

I know 5 pounds isn't much, but when you are running, it is! I seem to be using the program (since Tuesday) and we will see what happens. At least it will make me eat enough calories... like last night, seeing that I hadn't had nearly enough, I had some milk and an oat muffin. It made me much more satisfied, and I think helps me to stay on track better.

We'll see what next week brings, right?