Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On a cloudy afternoon...

Went for a run today after work.

And it didn't suck.

In fact, it was pretty awesome. 5 miles. In 54:23. And I feel like a million bucks!

That, and Eric is making a healthy dinner for me right now.

Does it get any better than that?

Hey dad, can I borrow the car?

I borrowed my dad's Mustang convertible for the weekend.

Friday was great, I took off early from work, and drove around doing errands with the top down, enjoying probably the last warm day we will have. Unfortunately the weather Saturday and Sunday did not cooperate as well. It's still fun to drive, even if you don't have the top down.

Things are still coasting along here - went for my last long run before my half marathon in two weeks.... 12 miles on Saturday. It made me tired, but I did it! Saturday afternoon/evening we went to a friend's wedding, and left the reception at 9pm, because I am old, and was tired.

Sunday was the last day at Fest. It's both a relief and sad, all at the same time. It's a lot of time involvement, but it's also people you only see during that time. Hard to believe that it was my 11th year working out there. Once I download the pictures off the camera, I will post up a picture of the new outfit I made this year. I will need to replace more pieces next year, but that will have to wait until other stuff gets finished!

Yesterday, I took the day off, and spent some time lazing around the house. I had good intentions of getting some house cleaning done, but was just able to organize some of my sewing stuff, and change the sheets on the bed and vacuum the rug in the bedroom. Other than that, I laid in bed and watched me some TV. I think I needed it.

I hate that it is dark so late in the morning now... but since it is cooler in the afternoons, perhaps afternoon runs won't suck as much. Need to keep in the game if I want to PR my half marathon!

On that note, I gotta go get ready for work. At least I'm in town all week.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of sync

that's what my week felt like - out of sync.

Monday, because of various things, I didn't go for a run in the morning. No big deal, I ran in the early evening, since it was just 3 miles. Easy peasy. Exept I ran somewhere that I had not gone before. And there was a mother of a hill. And I think it kicked my ass. Big time.

Tuesday, I had a meeting that went until about 2:30, then I had to drive to Thief River Falls. Got in after 8pm.

Wednesday, morning, after I slept like crud - I really hate poolside rooms - I knew I would probably have time in the afternoon, so I decided to do my run then. 7 miles. I had to talk myself into it, but I did it. Then went back to work to do some observations with the supervisor. And I don't think I got enough fuel back into my body.

Thursday morning, had serious low blood sugar issues. And I was tired. And had to drive back home.

Today - the alarm went off, and I didn't want to get up. And I felt just off for most of the day, so I came home to nap. And to get more refueled with some good carbs, protein and fat so I can do my 6 miles tomorrow. IN THE MORNING. Since that is what works best for me.

Tomorrow will be back in sync. Lesson learned: run in the morning, because that is what the body likes.

For some other news....
My house is a mess. I have like two million projects going on. I'm going in too many different directions, and trying to get in some decent training runs.

It is, however the crazy season.:
* Weddings (two in the next four weeks, had one in August) and I like to give crocheted afgahns as gifts. I don't know that they will be done in time for the next two. They will understand, right?
* Seems like I am always training for a big race that is at the end of fall. Which means that I spend a lot of time running, or doing other things related to that, like stretching etc.
* Renaissance Festival. I work there with the Shakopee Jaycees, as a beer wench. So the weekends are pretty much all taken up with that. And I like to make my own outfits... am working on one right now, that just might not get done this season, and I'm kind of disappointed in that. Hmmmm maybe it will be done for the last day, right?
* Life in general - with trying to spend some quality time with my husband between all of the stuff I am doing, and with all of his fishing tournaments that fall in September. And trying to find time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (We will have been married 7 years on the 22nd!)
* Work - next month we start putting together safety committee plans for 2009, and there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid out.

Is it any wonder I am feeling the need for a vacation?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Demando cat

That's what Eric calls my cat, Alex.

She's still limping around. Yep, she's definately getting old. I think she probably has some nerve or something pinched in her back. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but she has a hard time getting up on anything, and an even harder time getting down.

Like on the bed. When she first started to (is "fail" the right word?), she would still try to jump up on the bed from the floor. And she would miss a lot of the time, and fall to the floor. So I put a laundry basket with a towel over it by the corner of the bed. And she would jump over it.

Now, it has turned to a paper box turned over with a fabric pad over it. And she uses it all the time. Jump on the box. Jump on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed. Then on to the bed. And in reverse on the way down. Of course that was after she went ass over teakettle a number of times trying to jump off the bed witout taking the steps.

The other day, I saw her walk into the bathroom, and look at the counter top, like she wanted to jump up and see what was up there. She lifed up one paw. Then set it down, and looked disgusted. Like "man, it's hell to get old!"

She still does a lot of the same things though - the one I think is the funniest is that she pushes open the door to the bathroom when you are sitting down, does a bump to the left shin, circles around, does a bump to the right, and walks out the door again. She's been doing that one for years!

Another thing she does is tell you that the food dish is not full enough. She'll go find you, wherever you are, and start meowing. Until you follow her to the dish and add a little bit. She does prefer that you keep her company when she eats - for all of the three bites she takes!

And she loves to be on your lap when you are at the computer. She hears the typing on the keyboard, and comes in the room and demands that you pick her up and put her on your lap. She used to jump, now she just looks at you with this cute pitiful look until you pick her up.

And she's a left shoulder cat. When you pick her up, she always goes to put her paws on your left shoulder.

I've been giving her half a baby asprin every other day, and I think it helps some, but I just know in my heart she's getting old. I got her as a kitten in the spring of 1993, so she's 15 1/2 years old.

she's my 'Lex.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long Time

It's been busy here.

Okay. Excuses, I know.

I kind of took last week off. I only ran twice - and three miles each time. I think I needed the time off. I ran this morning - a bit over 5 miles. And I was running less than 11-minute miles. And I don't feel completely exhausted. Success....

Had a good birthday on Friday. It's a little hard to believe I'm now 38... Eric was out of town, and with the insanity of the Fair and other things, we decided to go out for a celebration dinner on Monday, since a friend had given me tickets to a concert on Monday night. Billy McLauglin.

It was an interesting evening. It started out with us scampering around the house and looking in cars, in the boat, in the laundry down the chute for Eric's wallet. Nowhere to be found... so we went without it. We were a bit late for our reservation, but since it was a Monday night, it wasn't that busy. After dinner, we walked over towards the Ordway, and it looked a little dark and un-busy for a concert... so I pull out the tickets. Doh! it was at the Guthrie!

So we hop in the car and cruize from St. Paul to Minneapolis. Less than 10 minutes late.

And for a small break... It was the oddest thing. When there was a break, and the usher was leading us through the doors to seat us, I got this whiff of the theater. Gaffer's tape. And wow, did it bring back memories of working in the theater in college. You ever have a smell do that to you?

So there were two artists that played before Billy. The concert started at 7:30, and he didn't start until well after 9. It was good, but man.... after an hour and a half of acoustic guitar music, I was pretty mellowed out and tired. Of course it might be that I'm old, and want to go to bed at 9:30. Yeah, so at intermission, when we knew it was going to be longer than what we had on the meter we knew that we had to plug the meter. But all of the change we had had already gone into the meter.

There was a happy circumstance though - we ran into a friend, and borrowed some quarters. Like I said, an interesting evening.

Okay, now that I've rambled on about not much of anything... I'm going to go help my husband make some dinner.