Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The good kind of sore

I went to boot camp last night, have not been for a while, so I'm kinda feeling the muscles again...

It was actually quite a bit of fun, I could really tell that I am slimming down a bit, I didn't feel like I was impeeded by my gut. Sorry if that is tmi! The other thing was that I wanted more action, more cardio, less rest between the sets, so I kind of walked in circles, and boogied a bit to the music when others were resting.

I guess some of it is trying to make up for the weekend of crap that I managed to eat. Sunday was not good. Peanut butter m&m's, a tub of buttered movie theater popcorn (at the movie, of course), veggies and dip (wanted the dip, ate veggies rather than chips or pretzels) crackers, salami and cheese, more m&m's.... I ended up tossing the rest of the m&m's because I could not seem to stay away from them!

And the scale showed it the next morning. It's a work in progress.... I was hoping to be somewhere around 20 pounds down for Valentine's Day, but I'm not sure that will happen.

The bright spot is that I can tell that I am trimming down, as in the way clothes fit, and people are noticing that there is a bit less of me around. And I can run faster... did 6 miles on Saturday in an hour and four minutes. Which is excellent for me, as I quite often run about 11 min miles.

Three months down, 9 to go.