Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleep Tight

And don't let the bedbugs bite.

Sage advise.

Too bad I couldn't follow it this week. Yep. The hotel I stayed in had bedbugs. I was very unexcited to discover that yesterday morning.

Although - I think they were not in the room the first night for a couple of reasons:
1. After I woke up and discovered a bug crawling across my pillow - I noticed some blood streaks on the bed and pillow. And there were even more after I killed more bugs... I didn't see this after the first night there.
2. I pulled sheets and mattress covers off of both beds, and could not see any more bugs hiding in/around the mattresses/bedframes.
3. I couldn't see any bites on me yesterday morning. This morning (after sleeping at home where I know there are not bugs) I noticed a number of bites on my arms - evidently they took a day to develop.

This leads me to believe that the room was not totally infested. As in, I think the bugs got there when they changed the sheets after the first night.

Even so, I was quite skeeved out to discover the nasty critters sharing my bed.

I packed up my stuff, and threw the suitcase in the back of the pickup truck. When I got home, the clothes (wool pants, Christmas sweaters, wool/leather jacket) that could not be washed in hot water went in a plastic bin, which will remain in the garage for a month or so. The suitcase, laptop bag, and another bag were put there too. The rest of the clothes were put in the washing machine, and washed with hot soapy water, and treated to a high-heat dry cycle.

Cross your fingers for me and hope I didn't bring them home!


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