Thursday, December 02, 2010


Doing what you say you are going to do. Doing what you are supposed to do.

So Eric was a little disgruntled this morning, because some of his co-worker "couldn't be bothered" to do the work that they were assigned this morning - something that needed to be done before he could do a specific job.

So I asked him: "So you don't like it when people don't get things done that they are supposed to in a timely manner?" His response: "I don't like the direction this conversation is taking..." I was a bit mad at him on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning, as he missed his deadline for open enrollment at work. It was on the 30th, and because of that, he does not get some extra long term disability, and has to pay and extra $5 per office visit co-pay.

Hi kettle, meet the pot.

He really hates it when I use logic to make a point.


On another accountability front - I went out to lunch with a vendor today. Only ate half of the meal that I ordered - I ate until I was satisfied, thought about eating more because it was good, but had them box up the leftovers. Of course now I have to figure out points for a chicken artichoke flatbread pizza. And a bit of baguette with butter.

The scale this morning was not as nice as yesterday, but I can't let the scale hops distract me from the bigger picture. I know it hasn't been that long, but some of my clothes are feeling looser. Or maybe it's just me feeling a bit better. Who knows, but I just need to keep up keeping up.

That will be all.

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