Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend indulgence

Spent the weekend in Chicago.... went there to help out with a Team Ortho race, which indcidently, was postponed. There is a story:

So the weather folks were predicting snow. So the police chief thought it might be a repeat of "snowmageddon"... and on THURSDAY morning, said that TO could not hold the race that weekend. 48 hours before the race. Seriously, this is the midwest people, and if you don't like the weather, wait a few hours!!!! Saturday dawned as a good day for a race - but it had already been moved to the following weekend. TO got a bit of a black eye from people, for something that was not within their control. The police have control over the streets, and if they say you can't use them - you can't use them.

Anyhoo, they still had a packet pickup on Friday, which I worked. About 10 hours on my feet. With not a lot of food involved (I did try to contain myself during the day) but at the end, I was exhausted, and hungry, and out with the group... I indulged in a pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel bun, a couple of beers, and Ice Cream cake.

Saturday morning, since E had spent the night with me downtown, we decided to go someplace for breakfast. I had crepes filled with eggs scrambled with avacado, mushrooms and cheese. With fruit and pancakes. Ate one of the crepes and half of the pancakes. Crepe was interesting, would have been a better meal if it would have been more of a savory rather than a sweet crepe, but I went for something really different....

Saturday afternoon I wandered around downtown Chicago for quite a while. I was thining I wanted to find a local-type place for a beverage and a snack, and wandered into a place that had a promising name: the Tilted Kilt. Not so much. Think of a Scottish take on Hooters. I decided that I didn't want to give them my money! Of course by the time I got back to the 'burbs, I was starving.

So I at food at the bowling alley where E was attending a swap meet (muskie stuff). Beer, chips and cheese, and chicken fingers. Not the Chicago food I was looking for! So later, I had some pizza. Yep. Kind of overdid the grease factor.

Sunday was a trip back, a stop at a brewery for a tour and a taste, and lunch in town. A wonderful Reuben sandwich with REAL corned beef.

And for all of the indulgences, it would appear that I am up about 5 pounds. So this week will consist of tracking and exercise, again... which is what needs to be done anyway!

All in all, I think it was worth it. Food was pretty good, and the company was nice!



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