Monday, May 14, 2012


Sometimes, I feel like I have nothing to offer here - things are a lot of the same old same old... Since we last talked to our heroine, she was talking about boot camp and exercise. As always... exercise seems to be the focus of my life sometimes. One thing I will say, my running is getting faster. I have done both 4-mile and 5-mile runs, running slightly under 10-minute miles. I guess losing 30 or so pounds might have that effect on you. This weekend was a bunch of getting stuff done: Laundry, dishes, putting the trim back up in the small bathroom (bathroom refresh!), putting up a new border around the garden, and putting back up the chicken wire fencing, regional awards, WW meeting (yep, up after my week of crap eating). Tonight, we are going out to eat with my MIL, my SIL, my step-daughter, and my husband. We were all busy yesterday for Mother's Day, so tonight it shall be. Let's hope I can find something relatively healthy to eat. And that's about all I got - like I said, boring.

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beth salzl said...

just so you know you were never boring and I loved hearing your voice. I still check hoping to see a new post anna lesa bookin (: